Amazing World, The Game

Amazing World, The Game for Symbian

Solve these puzzles using all sorts of mechanical parts

The Amazing World game gives you the opportunity to test your ability to solve ingenious puzzles. The task of the game puzzles is to build a “domino chain” of objects that performs a particular action from a selection of items already on the screen and from a collection. For example you may build a object "domino chain" from bomb, candle, magnifier and flashlight to make a gadget that explodes the bomb.

Very fun, mind boggling puzzles that get you thinking like you never thought before! These puzzles will keep you playing until your brain goes out. The easy ones are often boring, and as you gradually get harder in level you will learn new tricks about the items you use. This is a great game overall. Each puzzle can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks to figure out, so it will last you about a month or two.

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Amazing World, The Game


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